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Phillip Drayer Duncan has written ten novels. His work has been published with Yard Dog Press, Pro Se Productions, Seventh Star Press, and Happy Omega Publishing. He is also a co-host of the Future Best Seller Podcast. 

Along with reading and writing like a madman, he enjoys kayakin’, canoein’, fishin’, and pretty much anything nerd related. More than anything, he enjoys spending time with his ridiculously awesome girlfriend, friends, family, and the monstrous five-pound beast that lurks in the shadows of his home.

During the warm months, Phillip’s natural habitat includes the river or a campfire. In the colder season, he morphs into a hermit and may be spotted under a pile of books or video games. You might also catch him in the wild at a concert or a convention. He is generally an approachable creature, but it’s best to give him snacks if you wish to ensure he won’t bite. Cookies are preferable.

His earliest books were acted out with action figures and scribbled into notebooks. Today he uses a computer like a real grown up, despite refusing to act his age in any other circumstance. And to be honest, if it would pay his bills, he’d be playing with G.I. Joes right now.

His greatest dream in life is to become a Jedi, but since that hasn’t happened yet, he focuses on writing.

He is eagerly awaiting the next season of Firefly; please don’t inform him it was canceled.

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