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Assassins incorporated

"ASSASSINS INCORPORATED boasts the sort of writing that avid readers crave to come across between the covers of a book."
          -- Kristofer Upjohn, Horror is Art

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Assassins Incorporated

Working as a corporate assassin was supposed to be Brandon’s dream job, but so far it just sucks! His boss hates him, he’s behind on his bills, he’s the laughing stock of the entire assassins’ guild, and now everyone is trying to kill him.

Friends can’t be trusted, inter-office relationships are frowned upon, the dental plan isn’t great, and you might get stabbed in the back at any moment, figuratively or literally…


But that’s just part of the job when you work for Assassins Incorporated.


Assassins Incorporated:


Brandon has given up the fast-paced career of a corporate assassin. As far as he’s concerned, that part of his life is over. He’s hung up his armor and enrolled in med-school, just like his mother always wanted.

But when assassins show up on campus, he’s forced to go on the run. And when he learns that his assassin father and brother have both disappeared under mysterious circumstances, he’s got no choice but to suit back up and jump right back into the business.


Can Brandon solve the mystery his ex-coworkers can’t? Can he unravel a web of corporate lies and save his family? Everything’s on the table in this game, and no one plays by the rules.


It’s never personal. Just business as usual in Assassins Incorporated.

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