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(Featuring the 1st appearance of The Warden)

Black Fedora 

The Anthology For When The Good Guys aren't Good Enough is here! BLACK FEDORA from Pro Se Productions throws the spotlight on those in the shadows, the other half of every great story- The Villain.


Welcome to the dark side. Within this book you will find stories where the hero is the villain and one person's crime is another person's glory. Get ready to step out of the light and take a tour of various underworlds with three tales that give us a look at what secrets lurk beneath the BLACK FEDORA.


This exciting anthology features tales by B. C. Bell, Phillip Drayer Duncan, and Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and a stunning cover by the best Pulp Artist today, Douglas Klauba! Edited by Brad Mengel and Mark Beaulieu with cover design and print formatting by Sean Ali and Ebook formatting by Russ Anderson, BLACK FEDORA is so good it's criminal. From Pro Se Productions, the leader in cutting edge New Pulp and Genre Fiction

The Warden.jpg
Tales of The Warden

Hope City 

There are villains.

And there are heroes.

And then there is The Warden.

An enigma feared by all who stand for justice. He strikes where least expected, capturing heroes society depends on. Some say he collects them for display in his own private prison. Others doubt his existence. Yet all who bravely stand against the darkness have felt a tremor of fear at the utterance of his name.

Now, one of the Warden’s favorite hunting grounds has become dry. A new criminal mastermind has taken up residence in Hope City, with an army of villains at his disposal. A hero named Lament stands against them, but he’s short on allies, outgunned, and has nothing except skill to rely on. The helpless Lament is of little interest to the Warden, but this shortage of heroes is a minor irritation he won’t allow.

Just once, can the Warden find it in himself to play on the side of the angels? Tales of the Warden: Hope City by Phillip Drayer Duncan. From Pro Se Productions.

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