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Mass Effect Andromeda!!!

So, the new Mass Effect came out recently and I've been playing it a lot... Like a lot. Woah, calm down, I'm still getting my writing done... Mostly.

Her'es my campaign guy.... Phill Ryder. What a stupid name. At least he looks like me... A little bit... Okay, so not very much at all, but I'll take it...

I've been a fan of the Mass Effect series since the first one came out. I've been a fan of Bioware games since Star Wars the Knights of the Old Republic on the first Xbox. With all of the time I put into writing these days the time I spend playing video games is pretty limited. In fact, I really only play when something from one of my favorite franchises is coming out. Beyond that, I don't play a whole lot of games anymore. I'm trying to get back into playing more because I find it actually helps me be a more productive writer, if utilized correctly. But that's a post for another day.

Since I just figured out how the Share feature actually works on my playstation, I thought I might share a few things here. I'm twenty hours or so into the Mass Effect Campaign and on Multiplayer my Apex rating is over 4,000 and I've been consistently ranked between 3,000 - 4,000, which, in my opinion, is pretty good for a 30 year old writer with limited video game time.

As with pretty much every Mass Effect and Dragons Age game, I absolutely love it. The way Bioware interweaves story into these beautiful action packed landscapes has yet to disappoint me. I mean sure, there's always a few things I wish were different, but in comparison to virtually any other game, for me, everything Bioware creates is a cut above the rest.

So anyway... I'm pretty sure I was going to say more but I want to go play...

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